Social Media is Not a Quick Fix! Advice for Small Businesses…


I have to admit, when I started thinking about small businesses and social media, I thought – oh, they will be really up-there with the top successful social media sites, because they will probably use this as a cheaper way to market their brands or companies. But I hadn’t thought about the fact that they actually need to know how to use the social media and what to expect from it before they use it.

pablo (1)Nope – Sales will not soar the week after creating your Facebook and Twitter Pages:

After researching this a little bit – not intensely, but I did read some interesting articles (you can read them here, here and here), it is prevalent that small businesses tend to be lacking in knowledge about how to use social media and what it can do for their business.

What can social media do for your small business or not-for-profit?

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