3 step Pinterest Marketing made easy

There are many tricks in order to increase the traffic via Pinterest but in case you are are looking for more repins of your content, you need to make it easy for visitors to take action. Here are my 3 step Pinterest marketing guide which can help you optimize your goals!

Providing relevant pin description

Users like me are lazy to write the description, hence it just happens that potential for others who are keen to know about the product is left out because of the bad or incomplete description.  By providing a proper description you can increase the chances of repins and there by your engagement.  Use hashtags which are relevant to the pin too.

Customized boards for products

A customized board will allow you to showcase your product, it’s features and the story behind it via the pin description, further making people interested in the product or services more. You can also showcase your videos with specialty pinterest boards which can further help the users to get organized sorted results. If you are location specific company, you can create and promote a location based board to promote on going events and activities.

Keep an eye on the pinners

Many pinners add their personality to the pins and thus when you keep an eye on how they are using the content like the keywords, the product, etc will sure help you in your market research. These keywords can further be used in product description, on website, etc.

Were these tips useful? Did I miss out on something really important? Do share your thought


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